Rechargeable LED torches are light-emitting devices also known as flashlights. These lights have a long lifespan and can be recharged repeatedly. These lights are widely used for a variety of applications due to their portability and light weight. These lights emit a decent amount of light. These are also used as mini lamps that are run entirely by batteries. By turning the switch on and off, you can switch between LED Torch and Emergency Lamp.

Through proper market research and customer feedback, Our R&D Team has designed and developed these models keeping in mind to use latest technology and aesthetic designs. These torches uses Lithium ion battery pack which accepts a faster rate of current, charging quicker than batteries made of lead acid and also gives out noticeable difference of backup. These Lithium battery pack are integrated with BMS which protect the batteries from deep discharge and over charge which maintain the battery life for longer time than usual. These models while in production also goes through extensive testing so that there can be minimal defect and replacement.

Below are the LED Rechargeable Torch models we offer :


Model : Naina
Type : LED Rechargeable Hand Torch with Emergency Lamp
Battery Capacity : 1200Mah
Input Voltage : DC 5V
Power : 20W
Charge Voltage : DC 4.2V
Charge Times : 2-3 Hours

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